Puppy Preschool

Congratulations on your new puppy addition! You are already realizing that puppies are snuggly, cuddly, cute….and confusing. Puppy owners have a big responsibility to their new canine companion – most social skills and confidence building that directly affects a dog’s lifetime behavior are developed in the first year of life.

That means it is crucial that you introduce your new puppy to the exciting world around them while setting boundaries that keep them healthy, your home safe, and your family sane. Whether you are looking for answers to questions about development, seeking a social network of other puppy owners, or wondering why your puppy bites so much, Chicagoland Dog Training has you covered.

Puppy Preschool Curriculum
Trainer Nick has years of experience working with puppies and their owners. He has seen nearly everything, from stressed out owners to nipping pups, potty training nightmares to kids trying to get along with their new puppy. Trainer Nick has taken his experience and professional training to design a Puppy Preschool curriculum that provides accurate information, plenty of socialization, and confidence building opportunities to get puppy off on the right paw.

What To Expect
When you enroll in Puppy Preschool with Chicagoland Dog Training, your one-time fee includes 8 weekly sessions for you and your puppy, along with any educational materials. You can expect weekly sessions to be interesting and informative. You’ll learn about puppy development and have the chance to ask questions about your specific concerns. We’ll give you tips on potty training and behavior, along with giving the puppies plenty of time for play.

Your puppy will be introduced to new people, dogs, and situations in a safe and controlled space that will allow for confidence building. Thanks to our approach, your puppy will graduate our program with a better sense of the world around him and an even better relationship with your family.

Enroll Today
Our Puppy Preschool program is educational, safe, and downright fun. It is a surefire way to set up your puppy and your family for success. Don’t delay – our program works best for puppies under 6 months of age. Call us today to enroll your family in your new favorite weekly activity.

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