Board and Train

Dogs of all breeds and ages learn best through a combination of practice, play, rest, and praise. If your obedience training is not going as you had hoped, or if you are still seeing some behaviors like barking or chewing from your dog, your practice-play-rest-praise equation may be off.

It’s not your fault. Most dog owners love their dog but are simply too busy to devote weeks of undivided time to serious obedience work. Between your family and professional obligations, it can seem impossible to find a way to give your dog the foundational training he needs to be obedient.

Chicagoland Dog Training has the answer, our Board and Train Program.

What is Board and Train?
Our Board and Train program pairs your dog with one of our professional and experienced Trainer for 10 days. During that time, your dog works on obedience commands like:

  • Leash Manners
  • Sit, Stay, Down, Place

Your dog works in a high distraction environment, which increases the chance of long-term success, and has lots of time during the day to play, cuddle, and rest. Then, your dog heads home with their Trainer to test out their new skills in the Trainer’s home. Don’t worry – there are no cold and lonely kennels here. Your dog heads to a loving home to enjoy a few extra head scratches before going to sleep and starting again in the morning.

After 10 days, you reunite with your favorite canine companion and won’t believe the skills he has picked up during his time with us. We’ll teach you how to keep it up at home and you’ll drive home together, wondering why you didn’t invest in our Board and Train program sooner!

Benefits and Results
Our Board and Train program is popular because it works. Your dog learns commands and has the chance to practice those commands in a variety of scenarios with his Trainer throughout their time together. This extra practice and praise increase long-term success, but if you have questions after you both return home, your services include a free follow-up Trainer visit. We are invested in your success together!

Ready to learn more about our Board and Train program? Give us a call. We’d love to share more about the program details and get you signed up. Don’t delay – our calendar fills up quickly!

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